Benton Suddell

Research & Strategy Project Coordinator

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Within the Research and Strategy team, Benton uses his experience and expertise to assist and coordinate new and existing projects via a multitude of different tasks including: conducting Primary and Secondary research, synthesising data and identifying themes and trends, presenting findings and tailoring recommendations to their specific audiences by-way-of composing research reports, messaging frameworks and competitor analysis findings amongst others.

Benton’s background 

Prior to joining ramarketing, Benton obtained both Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) and Master of Arts degrees in the studies of Globalisation and International Relations from the University of Brighton, where he specialised in Sustainable Development and Environmental Politics and Ethics.

Due to coming from a primarily Research and Policy academic background, Benton has developed and grown in research and strategy matters. With a particular knack for critical thinking, Benton is capable of investigating, then developing and breaking down complex issues and problems, establishing potential solutions, and presenting them persuasively to a wide audience of stakeholders, ranging from a small audience, to an auditorium.

More recently, Benton has been pivotal in the successful coordination of global projects in the Insurance sector centering around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Intelligent Capture, and has been impactful in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) initiatives historically, and brings this experience to the ramarketing Research & Strategy team.

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