2020’s CPhI event may be cancelled, but we have marked the occasion with our own exclusive event!

Raman Seghal (founder) and Laura Child (CRO Sector Lead) led a series of 60 minute roundtable discussions together with our clients, over the course of four days throughout October.

You can access the sessions on demand here…

We may be missing out on the face to face element of CPhI itself but there is so much happening in the industry and these conversations are absolutely invaluable to hear key developments, plans, news and insights both now and into the coming year. We wanted to make sure that the vital conversations that would usually take place at CPhI, still had a platform to take place – albeit in virtual format!

Event agenda

Global geography and the pharma and bio supply chain.

Discussing the impact of COVID-19 and increasing concerns around safety and environmental impact relating to materials suppliers. We’ve seen recurring trends involving companies in the industry altering strategy to ensure they have ‘back up’ supply options. We  explore this adaptation and further changes triggered by the pandemic.


Clinical trials in 2020 and beyond.

We explore the impact of COVID-19 on traditional clinical trial processes to highlight how the industry has adapted. We cover topics including ‘direct to patient treatment’ and trends that highlight a move away from the ‘norm’ in order to survive and thrive.


Latest trends in CDMO.

This session involves a wider discussion around COVID-19 related trends and also natural progression in the CDMO space. We begin by exploring recurring trends involving futureproofing and digitisation across the industry including a growing need for automation.


Collaboration and driving efficiency.

During this discussion we explore two angles to driving efficiency, diversification vs. development of specialism. Emerging trends include the move to manufacture multiple technologies under one roof, at the other end of the scale we see companies staying true to original areas of expertise in order to refine and grow.