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B2B PR & Content Account Manager

A few details…

Job title: B2B PR & Content Account Manager
Location: Manchester or Newcastle
Salary: £30-35k
Reports into: Head of PR and Content or Senior PR Manager 

Hello you.

We know how busy you are and we like to keep things to the point at ramarketing. So rather than give you a lengthy job spec, here’s a quick run down instead…

If you are a PR/media relations and/or content marketing specialist that has spent a significant amount of your career working in a technical B2B industry (with some agency time ideally), then this role might be perfect for you. Managing international B2B pharmaceutical clients and working alongside a talented team, you’ll be a hands-on whizz with words that can deliver world class content in numerous forms across different platforms.

So if you’re feeling stuck where you are, sick of false promises or frustrated that your career development has majorly stalled… then maybe it’s time to step-up and come work for one of the fastest growing healthcare agencies in the UK that also really cares about its people. Ready to take the plunge and challenge yourself? Then please get in touch for info.

Our interview process

Expression of interest: Please express your interest in this role by 31st Mar 2020
Invited to apply: Having expressed your interest, you’ll be invited to apply within 2 weeks
Interviews: If your application is successful, you will be invited to have an interview with a senior member of our team and a member of our technical team within 2 weeks of application
Task: You will be invited to complete a task (related to your role) within a week after your interview
Senior Interview: One week after the completion of your task, you will be invited to a second interview with a senior member of our team
Offer: If your application is successful, you will be made an offer one week after your second interview

Express your interest

If you'd like to express your interest in this role, ping over your CV and a brief message (don't worry about a lengthy cover letter). If we like what we see, we'll invite you to apply within 2 weeks...