This week in pharma – 20 October

In this week’s news, Purolite held a ribbon-cutting ceremony, Celegence unveils next-level efficiencies for eCTD compliance, and more.

Ecolab subsidiary Purolite held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the tripling of agarose resin capacity at its 10,855m2 site at Llantrisant, near Cardiff, UK. The resins are made from red seaweed in beads varying between 35 and 200 microns in size, using a “jetted” manufacturing process that is said to significantly reduce the steps and time required to produce resin, while reducing the overall carbon footprint.

Celegence has unveiled next-level efficiencies for eCTD compliance with new functionality added to its advanced, cloud-based dossier management solution. Hans van Bruggen, Founder of Qdossier and Chief Scientific Officer at Celegence, said: “We understand the pressures that pharmaceutical companies face when it comes to finalizing their applications for review by the Health Authorities.” 

Pharmaceutical packaging is the last step in the drug product manufacturing cycle. Contract Packaging Organizations (CPOs) are working to streamline their processes and are taking advantage of the latest technologies to keep pace with drug innovation, remain competitive, and deliver services that are both time- and cost-efficient. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing asks if the packaging process should be automated.

The pandemic showcased India’s ability to produce API’s, generic medications, vaccines, and other necessities. Life Sciences Leader reveals why India is the future of the global production of APIs.

Pharmaceutical Technology analyzes recent regulatory decisions and trial results that are expected to impact therapy manufacturing plans. As the pharmaceutical industry, along with the rest of the corporate sector, enters the last quarter of the year, all eyes are on identifying the companies that will end the year on a high note and what may happen to those which don’t.

Also in the news

Walmart joins rival retailers by launching its service for clinical trial recruitment, stating that it will focus on older, rural, women, and minority populations.

A special report by Fierce Pharma shows how the vaccine industry has changed following a global pandemic and reveals the top 10 vaccine companies worldwide. 

CDMO trends

Societal CDMO announces the signing of multiple new CDMO service agreements. These agreements showcase the company’s ability to support novel therapeutic programs regardless of the development stage.

Sanofi’s Japan-based manufacturing site near Tokyo is going to be sold to a European CDMO.

AustinPx, Pharmaceutics and Manufacturing, CDMO has announced the appointment of Derek Hennecke and Marshall Crew as independent members of its Board of Directors.