The past – reviewing our life science and marketing predictions from 2022…

19th December, 2022

This time last year, our team offered up their predictions and what they thought was heading our way in 2022 – but did they get it right? Emma and Raman got together to review the ramarketing book of wisdom and see how the team’s predictions faired – watch the past video to see how accurate our predictions were…

Go back in time to read the team’s predictions blogs.

Look back to see what the team were excited for in 2022.

Our top 5 predicted trends of 2022 – see how accurate the team were.

On the whole, our team’s predictions were accurate – everyone continued to embrace flexible and hybrid working, the whole drug development world worked quicker to bring therapies to market, and the spotlight on pharma continued. We saw a slowdown in the biotech industry and after a surge of M&A activity funding also slowed across the space. This will be something to keep an eye on and it will be interesting to see what our team’s predictions are around these topics for next year (more to follow in the new year!).

We definitely saw a prominence of in-person events, but we saw fewer in-person workshops. People have clearly gotten used to video conferencing and the benefits associated with less travel. Happily virtual workshops continue to work really well virtually meaning people can reduce the time and cost and involve more stakeholders. Winner.

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