Looking forward to DCAT 2023

1st March, 2023

Our Head of Customer Success, Jeff Sternstein is heading to DCAT Week in New York from March 20 – 23. Read his thoughts on the premiere event for companies operating in the global bio and pharmaceutical manufacturing value chain and discover how you can connect with him during the week.

DCAT Week 2023 is a wonderful time for people with needs, to find people to help. It’s what I look forward to the most. Part speed-dating with strangers, part reconnecting with old friends and clients, it’s an opportunity to celebrate our interdependency to pull it all off.

Across DCAT Week I know I’ll see the full range of companies across the contract life sciences industry – pharmaceutical and biotech innovators looking for a research partner/CRO, or perhaps clinical support, help with drug development, manufacturing/filling, packaging, shipping, and a range of consulting services.

Our agency, ramarketing, operates at the heart of the contract life sciences space. We are the connectors, the profile raisers, the awareness and lead generators, who ensure these companies get noticed by those they can help. With deep sector experience and creative talents, we get companies considered and contacted before their competition.

“How can I be thought of first by my prospects?” Is the need I often hear at DCAT.

So, how can ramarketing help?

There are a range of tried and tested marketing activities to ensure you are found where your customers are searching, and new ways to ensure you and your company are present in a context where you will stand out for the right reasons. While these vary by sub-sector, many people I will speak with will want to be more well known for their scientific thought leadership, trustworthiness/reliability of commitments, experience specific to the customers’ needs, and being flexible/easy to work with. Others don’t know what they want, where they stand versus their competitors, or what they should stand for. We help them, too. In fact, most fall into this last group.

Among the hundreds of industry colleagues I will see during DCAT Week, are several dozen companies I know our team could help, and among those are a group with which I know we will simply click. This is what I look forward to the most – that moment when I meet someone with a need we can help with, who would also be lovely to work with, and it clicks.

Perhaps we will click. I would love to find out.

Connect with Jeff at DCAT using this calendly link.

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