Learning #7 – Your website is always a work in progress

7th December, 2021

Our light-hearted learnings for 2021

I bet, when you moved into your home, you spent months decorating, moving furniture and getting both the functional and aesthetic elements to your home just right. But I’m pretty sure it didn’t stop there… My guess is that you’re always tinkering to make your home work better for everyone that lives in it. Am I right?

Your website requires the same approach. Designing, building and launching a website often feels like a milestone moment – you feel like you have reached the end of a project, but it shouldn’t be the end at all, far from it. 

You should be constantly analysing, tinkering and improving your website so it works better and better for those that visit. It’s a living, breathing work in progress. To think of it as ‘complete’ is to miss out – you won’t be maximising on the changing opportunities and, even worse, it could become a tool that isn’t helping you achieve your objectives.  

Seasonal solution: Schedule in regular digital audits to see if your website is performing in the manner you expect it to. Also, ask yourself whether it is also performing how you need it to perform right now. You may then want to invest in some conversion rate optimisation to create improvements specifically designed to increase quality lead generation.