Learning #11 – Define success

11th December, 2021

Our light-hearted learnings for 2021 

At ramarketing, our focus is on getting our clients noticed and helping them achieve their goals. We wouldn’t be very good at this, however, if we didn’t agree and define what success looks like for all stakeholders from the very outset. 

It is easy to simply think of your agency as a contractor who takes some work off your plate, but, actually, your agency should be an extension to your team. Teams all need to be working towards the same end, otherwise the output is disparate and, while it might still create great stand-alone pieces of work, it isn’t going to help you achieve your big, aspirational goals. 

Without defining success and setting shared goals, we wouldn’t be working optimally as an effective team with you. The same goes for any team, even if you don’t work with external agencies – all being on the same page is crucial for consistent and high-impact marketing. 

We’ve worked hard with our clients over the past year to understand their business objectives, challenges and, in turn, what results and outcomes they desire from marketing. It has led to fantastic results, and we look forward to continuing our work as extensions of their teams in 2022.  

Seasonal solution: Take a moment to reflect on the goals and outputs of your team… are you all working to the same goals, or are you all working hard but to slightly different ends? Simply reminding yourselves of your strategic objectives regularly or setting simple shared aims each month can help you all align your purposes and prioritise your work with common goals in mind.