Every day’s a school day when you’re new to life sciences

22nd September, 2022

In this blog, our latest addition to ramarketing Jason Green shares his experience of joining the agency and transitioning from a contractor into an employee, revealing whether our company values and culture translate from documents to in-person and online onboarding and how he’s found getting to know the sector and our team of 7o+…

Jason recently joined ramarketing as Senior Commercial Manager after working with our team as a consultant over the past two years. 

With an enviable track record from working across commercial roles and in the B2C retail sector, Jason is based in London and will predominantly work with our global team and network of clients remotely. Having joined the growing Business Development and Commercial team at the end of August, Jason spent his first few days in our Newcastle headquarters.

Bringing his warmth, positive energy, can-do attitude, and years of commercial experience to the ramfam, Jason has already given our team a boost and bolstered our capabilities! 

But what did joining ramarketing as a full-time employee feel like for Jason, and how has he found the shift from B2C to B2B in his first weeks? 

Jason compared his first few days and weeks in his new role at ramarketing to his first few weeks at high school. He believes that the same new school, new day, and new job feelings never leave you no matter your age or level of experience and seniority. 

Having previously worked on projects with some of the ramarketing team, Jason had read and talked through the ramarketing values in detail. So when he was successful in joining the team on a permanent full-time, he wondered if the company’s values would play their part across every area and every person within the business. He is happy to report that they do. Commenting that:

“Every person I have met within the office or remotely has been welcoming and warm, engaging and full of energy. My colleagues live and breathe the values, answer all my (sometimes daft) questions and take time out of their busy days to help with systems, training, and advice. I wasn’t entirely sure what being canny meant until I joined ramarketing but now I see this value in everyone – the whole team without exception is authentic, caring, helpful, and willing to give you their time so freely”. 

Coming from B2C and outside the life science sector, Jason has found himself to be on a steep learning curve and is working hard to understand the very different companies and niches within the life science and pharma space. He comments that: “Learning the sector is like learning a new language – I have so much terminology and loads of acronyms to get my head around”.

The life science ‘lingo’, company names, client projects, and a growing number of colleagues’ names will all come in time and Jason has plenty of people to support him on his learning journey.

We wanted to know how Jason was transitioning from a large corporate business to a business the size of his previous marketing department.

Jason summarized: “Gosh it’s so different – but not in a bad way. Many people can get lost in a head office support team with thousands of colleagues and get overwhelmed by the layers of approval for actions to be agreed upon, but at ramarketing the agency is efficient and lean. Everything is customer-centric and this strips out lots of bureaucracy and ultimately enables two people to make a decision and move forward quickly.”    

Like any new challenge Jason is facing a whole host of emotions, but he is relishing the endless opportunities to learn that ramarketing and the in-house ra-cademy offers. Following his detailed and comprehensive onboarding and induction, in addition to the limitless sector training on offer, Jason and all our new recruits receive a robust development plan to follow with endless support to help embed people into our business.

Joining any business from a different sector will always present challenges, but with the right attitude, a supportive team, and a tight-knit network of colleagues (and quite a bit of caffeine) we’re confident that we offer great opportunities for people to transition from any sector. 

As a people-centric and values based business it’s the people that really matter, and if you’re a positive, go-getter with a can-do attitude just like Jason you will go far!

To sum up his experience so far, Jason says: “I’m excited by my role and loving my new team. I can see how I can develop and grow. Using my experience in brand & marketing from another sector alongside my commercial acumen I’m excited to share my own knowledge with my peers and the business too. I am grasping the opportunity with both hands.”   

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If this has piqued your interest in exploring the range of career opportunities on offer at ramarketing visit our careers page and take a look at our live vacancies.

We love to hear from people inside and outside the life science industry so don’t worry if your sector expertise sits outside pharma – we’re happy to provide sector training it’s your canny, can-do attitude and willingness to have a go that we’re after!