A week of New York networking at DCAT

5th April, 2023

Catch up with Jeff Sternstein, our Head of Customer Success, who reflects on a week of New York networking at DCAT Week.

DCAT Week was a whirlwind event as always, with bustling lobby areas, long lines for elevators, rapid-fire meetings, and loads of energy. As a native New Yorker, it was very much a “New York experience”.

Before the madness of meetings, the ramarketing team started our week with a fun, relaxing evening, welcoming past and future guests of the Molecule to Market podcast at The Campbell — one of the more interesting locations in all of midtown Manhattan hidden in Grand Central Station. Industry colleagues found common ground and even discussed opportunities to work together. We love matchmaking!

DCAT Week veterans know to wear comfortable shoes. Meetings occur in several buildings blocks away. We also know that everyone feels awkward introducing themselves to strangers, so we are all in this together. Those who can push through that discomfort and take the first step, often have the greatest satisfaction from the DCAT Week experience. Long elevator lines? Strike up a conversation with those around you. Navigating between buildings with people from other countries? Walk together, and if you know the area, be their guide.

We were there to meet with companies and discuss their needs. Some needs we knew we are best in class at addressing. Others were needs we knew someone else could better address, and so we just provided suggestions or made an introduction to a helpful resource.

There is a long history of collaboration in the life sciences sector, and few successes have happened without helpful collaborations. So, we find that having a helpful mindset is the best way to make a connection. Knowing we helped quite a few companies during DCAT Week, directly or through connection to others, made it one of the best DCAT Weeks yet.

Maybe next year, more comfortable shoes.

Jeff will be at CPHI North America, April 25-26th, and Interphex on April 27th. Arrange a meeting with him here to see how ramarketing can help you get noticed in life sciences…