Get the most out of CPhI… without CPhI

9th July, 2020

Informa has taken the decision to cancel the in-person version of CPhI Worldwide this year, in light of the ongoing global fight against the Coronavirus. Whilst the conference has opted to host a digital ‘Festival of Pharma’ we know it just won’t have the same impact as the actual event itself.

For many of our clients, this will mean a huge commercial hit on business development pipelines, removing the opportunity to build face to face relationships with customers and also the platform to position your brand in front of thousands of potential customers.

However, it’s important to recognise the alternative opportunities CPhI cancellation presents and fear not, hope is not lost. Over the past few months, our clients have been focusing on filling the void that in-person events has left on marketing activities. So, to help you continue to raise brand awareness and generate quality, inbound leads – our team has worked on some initiatives that will enable your website to act as your virtual booth, ideas that will drive new prospects to your website and activities to increase the profile of your brand – without CPhI.

We know the potential commercial impact this could have on your business, so we’ve come up with some alternatives aimed at enhancing the key reasons companies invest in this conference each year:

  • Brand awareness
  • Competitive insight
  • Lead generation
  • Customer and prospect engagement

We’ve created packages that focus on each element that can be chosen depending on your objectives. To find out more, download our guide and if we can help you maximise CPhI, without CPhI, get in touch!

Download our CPhI guide