As we enter 2022, what is our team most excited about?

15th February, 2022

Events – our team is looking forward to an increasing number of in-person events. They provide absolutely invaluable client and prospect networking opportunities, alongside fabulous travel and professional development opportunities for our team.

Sector investment & pace – life sciences and the drug development space has seen so many changes; there have been unprecedented levels of funding, mergers & acquisitions are on the rise, brand new technology companies are constantly emerging and innovative biotechs continue to pop up regularly. The world’s spotlight remains on pharma and the sector is a truly exciting space to be operating in, so much so that we  believe we will continue to see companies from other industries move into this market.

Response times – it’s been incredible to see how our industry responded so quickly during the pandemic, bringing vaccines to market in less than twelve months! We’re excited to see how the sector can use that experience to improve and enhance clinical development pathways and get new drugs to market quicker.

Digital marketing explosion – the increased opportunities to generate awareness and leads outside of traditional marketing is good news for digital marketing. While the world is cautiously opening back up, the new-found levels of importance placed on digital marketing remains, and we expect it to make up a much more significant part of everyone’s marketing campaigns and strategies than before the pandemic.

In-person workshops – even though we’ve all come to love virtual working in many ways, bringing back in-person workshops and getting out and about to see clients face-to-face is an exciting prospect. Visiting people in offices and running workshops together is something our team can’t wait to get diarised.