The autumn of 2022 is upon us – don’t fall into 2023 without a clear marketing strategy!

Summer is over and the end of 2022 is closing in. It’s time to start thinking about your marketing strategy for 2023 right?

Time and time again, we speak to lovely new clients towards the end of the year. They want to get new initiatives in place for the start of the next year. Whilst this is natural and often the approach that’s taken, we’ve found that the most successful strategies are planned and influenced in advance of the year ahead and well before the end of the year. 

Why? Simply because there’s often projects that need to happen to really get going, projects that can provide insights and inform future campaigns aimed at raising your company’s profile and generating leads. 

Whilst this year has delivered almost as many challenges as 2020/21, it has continued to make us think differently and forced many companies within our industry to adapt. This blog will help you to start thinking about your strategy now, whilst there’s still time to influence the success of the strategy and start off on the right foot. 

Here’s 5 things we think should happen now, to help you start 2023 with a bang

1. Build an omni-channel strategy without an over reliance on any one activity or event(s)

A continued theme we’ve seen over the last two years is the progression away from an over reliance on events. The drug development industry has historically needed events to aid lead generation efforts. Whilst we’ve seen the sector and many clients adapt, this needs to be further reinforced next year. Although events have made a steady return in 2022, you should be looking to keep diversifying your lead generations streams to avoid being open to risk. With this in mind, build your strategy in parallel to events and other marketing activities. Use your website, ABM campaigns, PR and digital marketing tactics to build awareness and drive leads without a reliance on events – and where events are part of your strategy ensure you have a solid plan b. 

2. Conduct research now to influence your 2023 strategy

Market and customer research are extremely powerful tools when used to inform strategy. We’ve seen many of our clients adopt customer voice projects to get a real sense of trends amongst customers, alongside profiling tools to better understand target markets. Market research can be insightful when used to gauge any service gaps in the industry or position your company as a thought leader around a specific service, product or topic. These projects take a minimum of six weeks to complete. So, if you want powerful insights to inform your 2023 strategy, start these projects now.

3. Ensure your website is ready to perform

This is a simple yet underestimated recommendation. 90% of marketers we speak to know their website could perform better. In a B2B industry, your website is the tool that tells the world what your company does and who you are as a brand. Website overhauls can take months, so don’t start 2023 on the back foot with a website that doesn’t articulate your offering well enough and that simply isn’t generating the amount of leads it could. 

4. Arrange your internal resources now 

The drug development supply chain is a tough industry for marketers and commercial teams. We often see small teams wearing many hats. As the business grows, so does the demand for more sophisticated marketing initiatives. One of the biggest pieces of advice we could give is to map your strategy out now and start having internal discussions around the resource you need to make the biggest impact. Whether that’s recruiting, outsourcing or investing in new tools – approval can take time, so give yourself the best chance to be set up for success next year. 

5. Use the next few months to sort through your goldmine of data 

Now’s the time to delve into the wealth of leads you have within your business development team. Leads from your website, events and lead source platforms offer amazing conversion opportunities. If that’s something you know needs to be filtered and sorted through – do it now. By spending a few weeks profiling those contacts you’ll be in a good position next year (or earlier) to start nurturing those contacts and driving new conversations that could influence the 2023 business development pipeline. 

So there you have it, 5 things to start doing now to influence next year’s marketing strategy, get ahead of your competition and start next year with a bang!