That was fun wasn’t it? Swiping left constantly last week to delete a plethora of privacy policy emails. Of course, these brands care so much about our privacy. To the extent that they’ve never bothered us about it before… until the GDPR police marched in.

Anyway, I’m not a GDPR expert. But I do know a fair bit about B2B marketing. Especially in specialist, trade and technical sectors. So now the panic is over, and the opt-in dust has settled. What now? Well, I’m going to tell you why GDPR is good for your B2B brand…

Firstly, reframe the GDPR implications as a ray of sunshine, not the end of the world. For most B2B brands, it’s probably done you a huge favour without you even realising it.

Let’s face it. Managing, updating and ‘cleansing’ (yuk) your database is a royal pain in the backside. Contact data across numerous spreadsheets and systems. The ongoing and never ending ‘CRM implementation’ project (rolls eyes). And let’s not get started on the mysterious ever-growing list of prospects that BD guys transfer from company to company.

So, assuming you’ve carried out your GDPR campaign properly, I suspect you’ve been left with a feeble looking database, right? Well, I’ll let you into a secret. It’s not feeble. It’s actually strong. Super strong in fact. What you’ve been left with is people that genuinely care about what you do.

It’s like that overflowing wardrobe you’ve been putting off for ages. You know you’re never going to wear most of these clothes again, but you just can’t let go. But when you do get around to sorting it (often because it’s forced upon you like GDPR), you feel invigorated. Ruthless. And dare I say, powerful. Left with a clutter free selection of stuff that you really love. It feels good.

And there’s no difference here. Less is more. It’s a classic 80/20. Industrial and technical B2B sales is a numbers game. Most people on your database would NEVER have purchased from you. The 20% left have done you an almighty favour. They’ve stuck their hands up and said hey you, please can you tell me more.

Now do not waste this opportunity. Grow your database organically. Nurture your prospects with relevant, informative and personalised content that speaks to their challenges and shows you care about helping them.

The success I have seen from B2B companies over the years has always come about because they focus on the 0.0001% of the world that really care. Not the rest that could not give a $hit.

So as far as I see, everyone’s a winner from GDPR. Less nonsense from firms that we couldn’t care less about. And for your B2B business? Today is a new dawn. The spring clean is done. The GDPR era is upon us. Now go make the people that like you, love you.

P.S in case you missed it, we had a little fun with our own GDPR campaign. What did you expect? We’re a creative agency…