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9th May, 2023

The go-to whitepaper for biotechs involved in ranking and selecting vendors.

Co-authored by our Bio Sector Lead Joao Incio and CDMO Sector Lead Katie Kovalevich, the whitepaper offers a proprietary analysis of the approach and scoring that senior management across a range of biotechs shared during research interviews conducted by the ramarketing Research & Strategy team.

The biotech blueprint shares the decision-making process typically used to select a CDMO, CMO, and CRO vendor to work with.

Download the FREE whitepaper here.

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The importance of GA4 for your life science brand

Big changes are happening in the world of data. Online privacy laws are being tightened with Google introducing a ban on third-party cookies – and that means website tracking software needs to adapt to stay compliant.

Google Analytics 4 (or GA4) is the new version of Universal Analytics that will soon become the only option for web data tracking.

With GA4 on the horizon, marketers working in the life sciences space should see the most impact, as GA4 offers a much better understanding of how users interact with our campaigns and websites.

Find out how these new, updated analytics affect your brand, so you can make informed decisions to help your company stand out from the crowd.

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