We may work with clients all over the world, delivering integrated, international marketing strategies, but we remain true to our Newcastle roots. Not only do we look after each other, our clients and our suppliers, but we also try to lend a helping hand to charitable organisations in our region.

When our founder Raman Sehgal set-up ramarketing in 2009 as a Newcastle PR agency, he thought that if we made money, why not share it with those who need it most? Every year since then we’ve donated a percentage of our profits to charitable organisations right on our doorstep. Better yet, our talented team each get to choose where their donation goes.

Following the example of many of our clients that have always kindly donated to local causes and played an active role in their communities, we try to follow suit in our own way at ramarketing.

The expertise we possess is the kind that can hugely benefit charities, so in addition to cash donations and sponsorship, we give resource and consultancy time to charities every year. To date, we have donated time, money and resource to the causes you see on the right…

We’re a company that cares about our community. If you’re a charitable organisation looking for a helping hand and think we might be able to help, get in touch.